March 6, 2010

Photo Tour of the Italian Market in Philly

Outdoor markets are fun to explore, so we headed out to 9th St to check out the Italian Market in Philadelphia.  With vendors outside selling inexpensive produce and floor shops selling Italian delicacies, this area was an interesting place to hunt around.

The first thing we did was equip ourselves with coffee from Anthony's Italian Coffee House. (903 S. 9th St.)

After being fortified with our cappuccino, we wandered around the neighborhood. 

Hope you enjoy our photo tour!

So if you are on your way for a Geno's or Pat's cheesesteak, be sure to stop off at the Italian Market!

The Italian Market runs along 9th Street from Wharton to Fitzwater Sts in Philadelphia, PA.


  1. All BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS.... very well done

  2. What great photos-looks like a fun stroll.

  3. Beautiful photos Andrea! And how convenient that I am in Philly in a couple of months!!! I will follow the HLFD itinerary!

  4. I would of loved attending this market, it's so unique!


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