March 7, 2010

Brief Brooklyn Break - Happy National Cereal Day!

It's finally sunny and warm here in NYC (50F or 10C) so we are taking a brief break from our Philadelphia trip updates to enjoy the nice weather!

Today, March 7th, is National Cereal Day (isn't it funny how every day is some sort of "holiday"?) so we bring you this cool mural we found while walking through Brooklyn (near the Brooklyn Brewery). 

Entitled "Cereal Killers", the artwork features iconic cereal mascots armed and in battle.  Enjoy!  
(editor's note:  We do not endorse violence amongst real-life creatures.  We believe no one was hurt or injured in the making of this painting.  Have a great weekend!)


  1. Nice mural-I never heard of National Cereal Day.

  2. WOW!! I had no idea it was national cereal day yesterday (thank goodness 'cause I would have felt guilty to not post a homemade cereal) This art you stumbled upon in Brooklyn is hilarious & very well done! Put a big smile on my face this morning!!


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