August 3, 2009

Pat's King of Steaks - Philadelphia, PA

It's easy to make a weekend trip to Philadelphia from NYC. We took advantage of the Bolt Bus' short (under 2 hours), cheap ($1+ per person fare), and comfortable (leather seats, free WiFi) direct trips. So, what was the first thing we did when we got off the bus? We headed straight for an authentic Philly cheesesteak.
There's no shortage of cheesesteak places in Philly. We opted for what many locals consider to be the best: Pat's King of Steaks. Luckily, we got here before lunchtime on a Saturday so the place was not crowded yet. We could only imagine how packed it gets here late at night.

The "Rules" to ordering a cheesesteak.
1. Decide if you want onions (WIT) or not (WIT-OUT).
2. Choose your cheese.
3. Make your order: e.g. "Whiz Wit" means you want a cheesesteak with onions and cheese whiz.

Having previously tried a Whiz Wit, we decided to go for a "Provolone Wit", a cheesesteak with 4 slices of provolone cheese and onions. The meat was so juicy and tender it didn't need anything else. We had some with mustard and hot sauce, but it didn't need either sauce. Even at $8/sandwich, it was still a good value. Everyone comes to Pat's: while we were there, we ate with locals, tourists, construction workers, etc.

We know the best Philly cheesesteak is always up for debate, but we really liked Pat's King of Steaks. We suggest you go decide for yourself.

Pat's King of Steaks is located where 9th Street crosses Wharton and Passyunk Ave in Philadelphia, PA.

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