March 5, 2010

The Franklin Fountain: Enjoying Several Scoops of Nostalgia

While we were in Philadelphia, we were based in the Olde City neighborhood.  From the Liberty Bell to Independence Hall, we definitely felt like we were walking through history.  But our favorite stop in the area, of course, had to do with food.  When people speak of the "good old days", they were probably referring to nostalgic soda shops like The Franklin Fountain.  

Opened in 2004, The Franklin Fountain is the perfect family, friends, or date destination.  With old-fashioned soda pops and candies (including candy cigarette sticks!) we felt like we were stepping back in time.
Loved the retro soda pop bottles!
Ever need a caffeine fix?  The Lightning Rod (about $9) sundae would more than do the trick!  On the very bottom of the bowl is a dark chocolate brownie.  It is topped by scoops of creamy coffee ice cream, light homemade whipped cream, and 2 shots of espresso!  There are coconut flakes and tons of chocolate covered espresso beans scattered throughout the dish.  It's more than a decadent affogato.  Finally, a salty pretzel stick completes the dessert.  It was amazing (and perfect to share)!

Chocolate Egg Cream ($5)
This was a great, smooth egg cream, served in a tall glass.  It was a real old school treat.  The only other comparable egg cream we have tried was at Russ & Daughters in New York City. 

This chocolate egg cream was even better due to its fizzier seltzer mixed with the chocolate syrup. 

To satisfy our sweet tooth and to feel like kids again, we will definitely return here the next time we are in Philly!

The Franklin Fountain is located at 116 Market Street (near Penn's Landing) in Philadelphia, PA.

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  1. I want to go there RIGHT NOW! but...i live in the UK :(


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