May 10, 2010

Popsicles in the City: People's Pops and Popbar

People's Pops and Pop Bar
Popsicles to us just scream summer on a stick:  bright, bold colors with fresh fruit flavors.  Here in NYC, a couple of stand-alone stores recently opened up devoted to this frozen treat.  We have cupcake shops, ice cream/gelato parlours, and now popsicle stores.  People's Pops was a familiar sight at the Brooklyn Flea markets and just last month, opened up a store in Chelsea Market.  Popbar, a new store in the village, just opened up a few days ago to sell gelato on a stick.

people's pop at Chelsea Market
People's Pops uses fresh, local, and natural ingredients to make their changing rotation of popsicles ($3.50).  We visited the store on opening day and bought ourselves a Raspberry and Organic Cream ice-pop.  It was like having a couple of our favorite farmer's market finds burst in our mouth.  It was so fresh and natural that we were even picking raspberry seeds from our teeth!
popbar gelato popsicles
Just one stop away on the A train is another popsicle spot, Popbar.  Walking into Popbar is like entering an accessories store.  Bright jewel-toned treats are neatly lined-up in the display.  These gelato and sorbetto pops are hand-made daily using fresh ingredients.
hazelnut gelato popsicle with pistachio and chocolate
We chose a hazelnut gelato popsicle and had to deck it out with a couple of toppings (it seemed naked without it):  crushed pistachio nuts and drizzles of dark chocolate. 
popbar popsicle
The finished product ($4.89) is a tasty Italian hazelnut gelato complete with that smooth texture.  The pistachio nuts add a nice subtle salty flavor and a crunchy bite.  We're looking forward to returning to try other flavors, including their coffee (espresso) gelato pop.

People's Pops is located at 425 19th St (btwn 9th and 10th Aves) in Chelsea Market.
Popbar is located at 5 Carmine St (at 6th Ave).

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  1. wow! i love the image of popbars display case.

    i also love the concept! although im freezing today so i will save the ice pop for June or July :-)

  2. Oh - and I would pay - and stay there tasting them all until I burst. What a beautiful bar. Love the concept. Healthy, delicious and nutritious (chocolate just is not necessary on something this good - and I LOVE chocolate). What a great great great idea. Thank you so much for sharing. FUN!

  3. OMG! I haven't heard of either of these. But now, I know where I have to go for the start of summer. The gelato popsicle looks to die for.

  4. Ooh very cool - I can't wait to try them out.


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