October 17, 2011

{Food Events} Wilton Cake Decorating Class and Skanz Bracelet Giveaway Winner announced

Before and After cakes...Sandy Folsom taught us all (including Jessica from FoodMayhem) some fun techniques for cake decorating.
I love desserts and creating dessert tables, but when it comes to (cup)cake decorating I'm no pro. My tools include a ziplock bag with a corner cut for icing and cupcake toppers for decoration.  So I was really excited when Wilton invited me to a cake decorating class being held at Astor Place's cooking center here in NYC.   

October 12, 2011

{Wine Wednesday} Some old time California Cabernets

Since I'm not an expert (nor have the budget to acquire) vintage wines, I jumped at the opportunity to taste vintage Cabernet Sauvignon wines from California at Union Square Wines in New York City. The amazing lineup ranged from the young 2007 Mount Eden Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and 2005 Ridge Monte Bello to a few rare treats from Mayacamas and Dunn. Since fruit forward wines are the most prevalent style today (especially Cabernet from California or even France and Washington), it was a great chance to compare the structured wines and often higher acid from various appellations, or 'Old Timey Favorites' as the tasting was titled.

October 10, 2011

{Sweet Treats} Maple Butter Tart Recipe for Canadian Thanksgiving

Today's Columbus Day here in NYC, but back home in Canada, it's Thanksgiving Day.  Because Thanksgiving in the U.S. doesn't happen until late November, I typically have a tough time recreating an authentic Canadian Thanksgiving here.  We couldn't find cranberries nor whole turkeys so we opted to roast a whole duck instead, served with tons of potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash.

But for dessert, I decided to bake a thoroughly Canadian sweet treat: Butter Tarts.  For me, these tarts are nostalgic. My parents would usually buy them from the grocery store and my brother and I devour them after dinner. Butter Tarts are similar to Pecan Pies - but instead of pecans, these tarts usually have raisins in them and the filling is slightly runnier. 

October 8, 2011

{Giveaway} QR Code Skanz Bracelets

When you meet someone new, how long does it take you to get that person's phone number, email address, Twitter handle, and more? For us, we love meeting people - both personally and professionally - at events, conferences, parties, etc. Usually we exchange business cards - and end up with a whole pile we need to sort through and enter into our phones.

So when I learned about Skanz bracelets, I knew I wanted to try them out. What are they? They're QR codes (those funky barcode squares I've seen popping up everywhere). When you scan the QR code with a QR code reader on your phone (I use the Skanz QR code reader on my Droid phone), up pops a screen with all of your contact information. Your new friend/contact can download a CSV file with all of your information or simply press the buttons that link to all of your social media and traditional contact information.

After I bought one and wore it to various events, so many bloggers were intrigued and wanted one too. I reached out to Skanz (which also happened to be a new local small business) for a special discount code to offer to my readers.  Enter highlowfooddrink to get 20% off your purchase at Skanz.com. (expires 10/15/2011)