January 1, 2009

Who doesn't love a compliment? Being an amateur photographer and blogger, it is thrilling to see our content highlighted in the press and on other major websites. Here's the (hopefully growing) list of places where you can find High/Low Food/Drink.

08/18/2010:  FoodCandy: Upcoming Event: Le Grand Fooding NY vs SF Sept 24, 25 (front page)
08/03/2010:  Food News Journal:  Best of the Blogs:  Korea Day in Central Park
05/22/2010:  Westside Independent: Top Local Chefs Talk About Child Obesity at New Taste of UWS
05/09/2010:  Cafe Mom:  Panko and Coconut Shrimp
04/13/2010:  Food News Journal:  Best of the Blogs:  Maitake Mushrooms
04/06/2010:  Westside Independent:  Canteen 82
04/02/2010:  Eater NY:  Canteen 82
04/02/2010:  Midtown Lunch:  Smorgas Chef
03/11/2010:  American Spice.com:  Guinness Cupcakes!
01/25/2010:  Midtown Lunch:  Dessert Truck is back...but not for us
01/22/2010:  Midtown Lunch:  The BBQ Beef Sandwich is now $10.50?!?! 
01/07/2010:  FoodCandy:  Cottage Pie (Front page)
11/18/2009:  NYC Daily Deals:  50 Cheap Eats!
11/06/2009:  Midtown Lunch "Looking for Vegetarian Korean?  HanGawi hits the spot"
11/04/2009:  FoodCandy:  Jean Georges (Front page)
10/29/2009:  Midtown Lunch:  Who Needs Coffee?
10/17/2009:  The WG News:  Eurotrash
10/02/2009:  1 Drop a Day:  Luke's Lobster
09/28/2009:  LI Q City:  Le Fooding 
09/25/2009:  All About 5th:  Al di La Trattoria
09/05/2009:  FoodCandy:  Superdawg (Front page)
07/13/2009:  Midtown Lunch:  Tim Hortons "there seems to be free coffee available at every location"

As Seen In:

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Photograzing (Serious Eats):
Beef Tartare with Douglas Fir Tips 
Blueberry Manchego Cheesecake
Breaded Bone Marrow
Brussels Sprout Pizza 
Carbonara Pizza
Cauliflower Popcorn
Chocolate Almond Cherry Pie
Chocolate-covered Ice Cream Lollipop
Chocolate Verrines  
Clam and Pork Belly Pizza
Crab Salad
Farm-to-Table Lunch
Farro Salad
Gianjuda at Marea
Halibut with Radicchio
Hazelnut Gelato on a Stick
Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes
Jellyfish Salad 
Lychee Lassi
Kulfi Pistachio Cardamom Ice-Cream 
Kumato Tomatoes
Lemon, Strawberry, and Mint Popsicles 
Mac n' Cheese Pizza
Macaron Tour of NYC 
Maitake Mushroom
Meyer Lemon Ice Cream
Mini Banana Pancakes 
Naturally Colored Cracked Easter Egg
Naturally Colored Easter Eggs
Nutella Puff Pastry 
Octopus Tapas with Pop Rocks
Pancakes and Bacon Custard
PB&J Square Donut
Pearl Couscous Salad

SugarBomber (Citysearch):
Smith Family 12-Layer Cake
Spicy Sopressata Pizza