April 18, 2010

Pancakes and Bacon Custard from Shake Shack

Pancake and Bacon Custard
Danny Meyer's burger mecca has brought a sweet addition to weekend brunch fare.  Saturdays in April are Pancakes and Bacon custard days at Shake Shack. So of course, when we passed by the UWS location, we by-passed the long line of strollers, families, and tourists and headed straight to the empty C-line (the express line where you can order anything but hot foods).
shake shack bacon and pancake custard
For $3.50, we got a small cup of porktastic goodness.  The pancake custard itself was creamy and tasted very similar to vanilla.  The star of the dessert was the fairly meaty bits of bacon scattered throughout the frozen custard.  They were salty - and the longer we let the custard sit, the more the bacon flavor took over.  Overall, we love the combination of salty and sweet ingredients.  Bacon really does make almost anything taste better!

Next Saturday is the last day for the Pancakes and Bacon Custard (though we hope it makes a return!)

Shake Shack has various locations throughout the city (and one coming soon to Miami).  We went to the one located at 366 Columbus Ave (at W 77th St.) in NYC.


  1. I always love your posts about the Shake Shack. MUST try to fit that into the eating plan next month!


    Oh my gosh... I must have this

    Any idea of how to start on a home made version???

  3. @Dave - The easiest way to make it would be to make a vanilla ice cream and then add pieces of bacon to it. Another way would be to experiment on the pancake custard by using heavy cream, maple syrup, sugar, eggs, and milk. For the bacon, cut them into small cubes, fry, and drain. If you come up with a recipe please let us know!

  4. i had this flavor at the Mad Park location a couple weeks ago. THERE WAS NO BACON PIECES IN IT!!

    UWS is no fair!

  5. Wow, that sounds terrific - a great combo! I would love to be able to recreate this at home!

  6. Great flavours - the creativity of flavour combinations and pairings is exploding on the foodie scene right now, and this is certainly one example!

  7. oh may! i have to make my way there this weekend... only saturday or sunday too?

  8. @chubby Only Sat-on Sun you maybe able to buy a pint if they did not run out on Sat.


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