April 19, 2010

Brooklyn Brewery: Black Chocolate Stout and Dark Matter

My hubby, HLFD's beer and wine connoisseur, returns with this review of Brooklyn Brewery's recent winter ales.  Both of these beers are still available (but won't be for long) so give them a try if you get a chance before the summer stock comes in. 

Who doesn't love chocolate?  It's great in desserts and pairs well with ports and even beer.  One of the best chocolate pairings is with Brooklyn Brewery's Black Chocolate Stout (10% ABV).  This Imperial stout is brewed with chocolate malts (not actual chocolate) to give it it's rich, roasted notes.   It's a great sipping or dessert beer on it's own, or paired with a decadent rich chocolate torte.

Brooklyn Brewery also makes their special Brewmaster's Reserve line in limited supply.  We prefer the recent release, Brooklyn's Dark Matter. This is a mellow, malty brown ale with a touch of the whiskey, faint vanilla, some carbonation and oak to give it more character and body. We were able to have this on tap at DBGB and a few pints at Amity Hall. 

The Dark Matter is aged in barrels previously used for bourbons and whiskeys, Brooklyn's Black Ops barrel-aged stout and last fall's Reserve release, Manhattan Project. Some of the better beer bars and stores have recently had this available for growler fill as well.  It's the type of beer we love to share with friends and is definitely worth seeking out.


  1. Everywhere we go when we travel, my husband drinks the local beer and it is always an adventure. Believe it or not, I have never even taste beer. The smell really turns me off. He is not a lover - or even much of a liker - of dark brews. Yet, I know so many are... yet, it is always fun to at least try it if you are a beer drinker!


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