May 16, 2009

Shake Shack on the UWS

We were ecstatic when Danny Meyer opened a second Shake Shack on the Upper West Side. With shorter and quicker lines, a menu filled with classic favourites, and a few UWS-only concretes, this Shake Shack has ensured we may never go back to Madison Square Park!

We love everything on the menu - especially the ever-changing menu of custards and concretes (see the end of this post for May's current offerings)

The first photo features the Double Hamburger ($5.75) with everything (lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion). What makes the burger so good? It's never overcooked and is made with sirloin and brisket. At right is the Double Stack ($8.50) which is a 'Shroom burger (see below for what's in a 'shroom burger) plus a cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato, and Shack sauce (a mayonnaise based sauce). This is the most filling, indulgent sandwich on the menu. Definitely a guilty pleasure best in moderation! The French Fries ($2.75) are nice and crispy.

'Shroom Burger ($6.50): The vegetarian option is crisp-fried portobello filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato, and Shack sauce. Not necessarily healthy, but definitely delicious and filling!
Cheese Fries ($3.75): French fries topped with Shack-made Cheddar and American cheese sauce. Ultimate comfort food!
On tap (left to right): Abita Root Beer ($2.75 reg/$3.50 large), Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold ($6, brewed by one of the great NY area craft breweries, a crisp, easy drinking Belgian- style pale ale) and the Shack Meister Ale ($5.25, an American Pale Ale brewed by Brooklyn Brewery)

One of the managers made this special concrete ($6.50) for us when both the mud pie custard and the featured concrete were both sold out. He was really nice about the situation, asking us what flavours and fixings we liked. He made us a 'smores-like concrete with crushed Oreo cookies. It was decadent.

Lychee Custard (single dip, $3.25): Thursdays in May features this frozen custard. It tastes just like the fruit and unlike other lychee-flavoured treats we've had, this does not have an artificial taste to it.

LumberShack Concrete ($6.75): This limited time only concrete is fantastic! It is made with vanilla custard, belgium waffles, bananas, and bacon peanut brittle. The waffles are delicious (These are definitely not the ones you pop in your toaster. These were flavourful and surprisingly, they retained their toasted texture in the concrete). Of course, the best part was the bacon peanut brittle. Of course we love the combination of sweet and savory. We also love the crunch from the peanut brittle (and bacon makes everything taste better!) Hurry to try it! It will only be offered for the next couple of weeks.

Mud Pie Custard (single dip: $3.25): Fridays in May offers this popular frozen custard (it's usually sold out by 7pm). We love the huge chunks of Oreo cookies in this chocolate milk-like custard.

We will definitely be posting more Shake Shack treats (and maybe we'll splurge on the Opus One)! Shake Shack is located at 366 Columbus Ave (at W 77th St.) and is open from 11AM - 11PM.

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