April 6, 2009

Our favourite San Fran attraction: Ferry Plaza Farmers Market (Embarcadero)

We spent our last day in San Francisco doing what we love doing back home on a Saturday morning: checking out the local farmers market. Free samples everywhere included Indian dips and samosas (we bought the cilantro chutney which was light, flavourful, and versatile. We've used it in salads and as a dip), fresh fruit, and lots of cheeses.

For brunch, we decided to line up at the Primavera food stand (Alice Waters of Chez Panisse's Bargain Bite choice). Some of the waiting locals told us that they have been waiting for Primavera to open up a restaurant (it's still in the works). The dishes filled us up. The food was very fresh and the salsa was amazing.

Primavera brunch (above):
Bohemia Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Salsa de arbol, avocado mayonnaise, and cabbage ($9.50)
Shrimp and Snapper Tostadas de Ceviche with avocado, lime mayonnaise, and Tapatio salsa ($10.00)

After brunch, we walked around inside the ferry building. Where else would you find a caviar cafe, local vegetables, and prosciutto hams being salted all in one place?

We later returned for dinner at the Ferry Plaza Seafood restaurant. Overlooking the waterfront, we sat on bar stools and enjoyed both the view and the fresh seafood.

Dungeness Crab Tower ($16.50): with grapefruit, avocado, and a grapefruit vinaigrette.

Crab Louie Salad ($15-small): Organic field green with light vinaigrette, homemade dressing on the side. The portion was definitely large enough for our entree.

Oysters ($24 for one dozen): we had a mix of the day's oysters. The Hood Canals (WA) oysters were plump with a mix of briny and creamy taste and texture. The Quilcene Bay (WA) oysters were sweet and creamy.

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  1. You should make a trip to Philly's Reading Terminal Market! No water, but a similar selection to the Ferry Plaza market shown above. What a fun blog! :) Lisa


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