April 4, 2009

Having dinner with a couple of famous locals at Zuzu

After trying twice to dine at The Bounty Hunter in downtown Napa (both times closed due to private parties), we opted to try out a tapas place recommended by a couple of local winemakers. While we were there, we spotted renowned winemakers Tim Mondavi having dinner by himself at a corner table and John Kongsgaard hosting a larger dinner party of 8. Zuzu is a nice casual, but romantic tapas place where small plates range from $6-$14.

Salad with chayote squash and pickled rhubarb with mint and Champagne lime vinaigrette ($7): We loved the fresh and tangy taste of the salad, which also included arugula, onions, and chives. This was the first time we had the chayote squash crisp and cold (we usually eat it fully cooked so that it's warm, soft, and sweet) and enjoyed the added crunch it gave to the salad.

Grilled octopus with roasted fingerling potatoes, pea shoots, and harissa vinaigrette (harissa is a North African red hot sauce made of chili peppers) ($9): The squid was tender, the pea shoots and potatoes were fresh, but the harissa was not spicy at all. Overall we enjoyed the dish.

Firestone Union Jack IPA (Paso Robles, CA) ($6): This was a hoppy and refreshing beer with a clean taste.

Paella, one of the specialty tapas plates of the day, with clams, chorizo, and pork: We really liked this because the saffron was not overwhelming and the clams and chorizo were very tasty.
Chau Tien pale ale (Boonville) ($5): This was a lightly hopped beer brewed by Anderson Valley Brewery in Mendocino.

Albondigas: Niman Ranch Pork Meatballs with PX and Piquillo Pepper Sauce ($9): This dish, which was in a homemade tomato sauce, was very hearty and satisfying.

Niman ranch grass-fed flat-iron steak with roasted jalapeno "chimichurri" ($11): tasty local meat cooked perfectly rare.

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  1. how could nobody comment about that deliciously rare steak, it looks awesome


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