April 7, 2009

Back in NYC for the best cart food in the city: Dosa Man!

We're back in the city and had a craving for Indian food. We headed to Washington Square Park to find one of our favourite street vendors: Dosa Man. He's known for his flavourful, completely vegan food. We are unabashedly meat eaters, but this food is both satisfying and enjoyable. The first time we had dosas (a wrap similar to a thin crepe made of rice and lentils) was in Mumbai, and these authentic creations happily remind us of that trip. We always choose spicy (nice taste, not that hot). (Note: the amount of food that we ordered would easily feed 4)

Special Pondicherry ($6): Dosa filled with potatoes and vegetables (peppers, onions, carrots, lettuce). Sides are coconut chutney (ivory sauce on the top right), sambar (rich soup on the top left), and green chutney that was tangy in taste.

Samosas ($1.75 ea or 2 for $3): plump pastry stuffed with peas, potatoes, and coriander.
Idly lunch ($6) limited in quantities (you can call ahead to order): lentil patties in sambar and chutney with salad. This was a filling stew filled with vegetables. The lentil patties act like sponges and soak up all that liquidy goodness.

Masala dosa ($5) with Vegetable Roti ($2): This classic dosa is filled with curry potatoes. It is served with a side of sambar and coconut chutney. The roti is wrapped around potatoes and is dipped in a slightly sweet red sauce that reminds us of really good ketchup with a kick.

Dosa Man can be reached at 917-718-2092. His cart is on the south side of Washington Square Park (Washington Sq S. and Sullivan St.) He can usually be found Mon-Sat, roughly noon-5pm (the earlier the better as some selections run out by the late afternoon)

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