January 18, 2011

{Easy Entertaining} Pink and Purple Polka-Dot Dessert Table for our Niece's 1st Birthday

Our adorable niece Julia turned 1 this past weekend, so of course I wanted to make something special for her.  With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I knew it would be easy to find affordable decorations in her favorite colors (pink and purple).  The birthday girl (and her 2-year old brother) enjoyed the spread as did all of the kids-at-heart uncles and aunties.  I think this dessert table color scheme would be perfect for a baby girl shower, Valentine's Day party, or even a spring/summer bridal shower.

I love using wrapping paper for backdrops because they come in a variety of patterns - this Valentine's Day polka dot one was found at Target for $1!  I also love using scrapbook paper for placemats - these sparkly ones were on sale at Michaels ($1.50 each) as were the polka dot cupcake wrappers (under $2).  The vase for the cookie flowers was a water bottle I already had on hand (but I've seen affordable ones at Michaels for $1-$2).  I made the cupcake toppers and banner myself.  I used this banting template for the triangles, glued the letters I made, and then glued the whole thing onto ribbon.
The vanilla cupcakes we made (using applesauce instead of butter to make it a tad healthier) were from this recipe.  We (since my KitchenAid mixer is in Toronto, my husband's arms act as my blender as he whisked both the frosting and the cupcake batter together) also made two types of icing (vanilla and cream cheese), with cream cheese being my favorite (the recipe came from this Martha Stewart site). 

The "Oreo" truffles (the same ones from our New Year's party, with pink or purple food coloring added) were again a big hit.  Later I'll be posting a more detailed step-by-step post on this truffles since everyone loved them!  The cookie bouquet were similar to these ones I made for another friend.
I set up these desserts on my sister-in-law's kitchen counter - which shows that even if you don't have cake platters or fancy dishes, you can still lay out a nice-looking spread with wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, and paper plates.

Happy 1st Birthday Julia! We're so happy we could celebrate the day with you!


  1. Andrea - loved this first birthday party decor - and your whole blog for that matter :) ! Am going to try and make the truffles for our daughter Isabelle's first birthday....can I get the loghouse almond bark here in Toronto? What's a subsititue that I can look for here?

  2. Hi Alex! Thanks so much! I can't believe Isabelle's already 1! I'm not sure where to find the loghouse almond bark in Toronto, but you can easily use melted white chocolate to coat the truffles. Let me know how they turn out!


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