December 31, 2010

{Easy Entertaining} Black and White New Year's Eve Party

Happy New Year everyone! We wanted to wish you all a safe and wonderful new year to you and your loved ones.  We'll be staying in with family. I wanted to share with you the party decor I designed for our small party tonight - made even more affordable with all of those post-Christmas decoration sales.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and as always, would love to hear your thoughts about my dessert table.

I love the Anthropologie apron (on right) I got on sale - and used it as an inspiration for the black and white dessert table.  The popcorn cups were simply leftover plastic cups I wrapped in scrapbook paper and decorated with my printed tags.
The Oreo truffles (top right photo) were really easy to make (and a great way to relieve stress!).  I put a package of cookies (I used Trader Joe's version of Oreos) in a large ziplock bag and crushed them.  To the mixture, I added a package of cream cheese.  After it's mixed, I rolled them into small balls, placed them on parchment paper-lined baking sheets, and put them in the fridge to chill while I melted the white chocolate. I coated the truffles in white chocolate and drizzled them with melted dark chocolate. Finally, the truffles are chilled overnight to set.

I had leftover melted dark chocolate, so I drizzled stars on wax paper to make chocolate stars.  They'd be a nice garnish to a coffee chocolate cocktail.
Instead of cupcakes, I decided to make mini-cheesecakes for our guests.  I topped them with cupcake toppers I made.  For decor, I used all of the metallic Christmas decorations I had.  I found these jingle bell ornaments (post-Christmas sale at Michaels) that will be perfect to ring in the new year.
With 75% off Christmas decorations, Target was also a great last-minute stop to find the silver 2-tier cake platter (which held our donut holes), metallic sprigs, and backdrop (textured wrapping paper).

Wishing you a very sweet New Year 2011!!


  1. Oh my gosh what a cute theme! Happy new year!

  2. What an amazing spread! Great job on the decorations, just sounds and looks so elegant. i love a theme party! Hope everything went well, of course you had the hard part (the advance planning) done, so enjoy the New Year.

    Always look forward to your posts. Will certainly continue to visit in 2011!

    Happy New year



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