December 25, 2010

{Easy Entertaining} Red and White Holiday Table

Merry Christmas everyone! We wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your loved ones a very happy holiday full of warm company, good eats, and safe travels.  Most of all, thank you for reading our blog! Your kind comments and encouragement have blown us away.  Peace and Joy is the theme for our dessert table this year and we wish you both. We hope you enjoy our photos. I'll update this post (after we fly home!) with information on how I made the various desserts and decorations on the table.  Happy Holidays! 

So I cheated - I didn't make the Gingerbread House from scratch, but I did add onto what the kit provided.  I like using frosted mini wheats cereal for the roof to add texture and make it look like an English cottage.  I also used rock sugar (found a large bag in an Asian supermarket for 99 cents) for window panes and the icy ground.  The red (cherry) jolly ranchers were used to make the tiled walkway.  And of course, I had extra ice-cream cone trees (from my cupcakes) to fill out the front lawn.
The background was large cardboard (from large TV boxes) covered in Christmas wrapping paper ($1 from Target). The little swirl lollipops came from Oriental Trading ($9.99/24) and the name tag holders were from the dollar section at Michaels.  (Did you notice that I used the paint chips for the food tags, like I did for Thanksgiving?)
I made my first cake pops!  After reading Bakerella's blog for so long, I finally made my own lollipop cakes. All you do is make a cake, crumble it up, and mix it with frosting. Form the balls and chill/freeze them with lollipop sticks. After they have chilled, dip them in melted candy melts (I used Weston's Candy Cane candy melts), sprinkle some red or white crystal sugar on it, and keep them elevated with a Styrofoam block.

I also colored some fudge cookies with red King's icing and created all of the cupcake toppers and other tags myself.  The JOY sign was also from Target (only $2.50!)  For all of the empty glass jars and tumblers I used to fill with candy, I just searched around my mother's cupboards.  
I made all of the cupcakes and decorated them myself (the instructions are in this prior post). 
Wishing all of you a very sweet holiday season!!


  1. Thanks Christine! Merry Christmas to you too!! Can't wait to see you soon (pending snow storm of course!)

  2. Thanks so much Mardi! So glad we were able to meet up with you and Neil while we were in Toronto. Hope you're having a fantastic time in Mexico and can't wait to see you in NYC soon!

  3. Wow, gorgeous tablescape! Merry Christmas to you both :) Travel safely!!

  4. This is so festively gorgeous! it's hypnotic almost!

  5. haha Thanks! My dad said the same thing too!


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