November 19, 2010

{Easy Entertaining} Using Paint Chips to Dress Up Your Holiday Table

Happy Friday! Today's post is short and sweet with an easy DIY table topper tool:  Paint Chips! Maybe it's the endless array of colors, but I'm always drawn to the display of paint chips found in any home repair/renovation store.  One day, I was going through the paint chips I had picked out for my brother (he's decorating his first home!) and noticed the names on them.  "Autumn Orange", "Buttered Yam", and "Pumpkin Blush" sounded just like Thanksgiving.  Rather than throwing out the chips, I could use them in my holiday decor!

So I cut the paint chips, glued 2 together, wrote down guests' names, and propped them up using some of the many pineapple decorations we received from Williams Sonoma wedding gifts.  Instant place card! (Note - using small Christmas ball ornaments, photo displays/frames, and any name card holder to hold up the paint chip would work as well.  Also, you could fold 2 squares together and make tented place cards).
These Owl napkin ring holders are really cute and can easily hold the paint chips.
With a few colors I found named "Winter Orchard" and "Silent Night", I thought of Christmas.  (Check out these wire tree place cards that easily dress up any holiday table).  Another use for paint chips I thought about were for wine glasses.  I used my 2-inch circle punch, my star punch, and some ribbon to make wine glass tags. 

And for my husband's upcoming NY Yankee-themed birthday, these blue "New York State of Mind" paint chips will come in handy as Food and Drink labels.  Decorating and entertaining cannot be easier than this, right?

Do you have creative ways to use paint chips?


  1. You're a genius! This is so clever!

    I'm nominating you for MENSA one of these days.

    Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those owls.

  2. ChocolateandcroissantsNovember 22, 2010 at 1:10 AM

    What a great idea-how fun and easy.

  3. It gets so busy this time of year that I'm always on the lookout for pretty...

  4. That's one of the best unique table wedding arrangement ideas I have seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing!.

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  5. Thanks for checking out my post! I love to entertain and the easier it is, the better!


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