April 7, 2010

Delicioso Coco Helado carts: Beat the Heat on the UWS for only $1

coconut ice
It felt like summer here in NYC as temperatures reached record highs today (Central Park got as hot as 92F/33C).  While on the Upper West Side, we spotted street carts with green and white umbrellas selling helado (Spanish for ice cream).  At $1, this ice cold treat has to be one of the better deals in the neighborhood (especially to beat this heat!)

coconut and mango ice uws
We chose the namesake Coco Helado (Spanish for coconut ice cream).  Filled in a Dixie cup, this cold treat is more like an Italian ice/sorbet/slushie than an ice cream.  We liked the milky coconut flavor as it was almost like a virgin pina colada.  Since they are only $1, we'll definitely be trying the other flavors.  (The kids in the photo opted for the mango flavor and we saw others order the cherry flavor.  We also have friends who swear by the tamarind flavor).

Delicioso Coco Helado cartThe Delicioso Coco Helado street carts are located the UWS.  We went to the cart at 96th St/Broadway (SE corner) and today, also saw carts at 92/Columbus and 83/Columbus.


  1. oh this looks so good loved your cottage pie recipes just tweeted one lol Rebecca

  2. Silly to say - but the nail polish that matches is so sweet. A vibrant and colourful tribute to spring!We were in NYC a year ago and it was gorgeous and warm then, too. But, no Catch the Flava carts! I can't believe you can buy anything for a dollar anymore. FUN!

  3. @Rebecca - Thanks so much for tweeting my cottage pie recipe!

    @Valerie - Hahaha! I love the nail polish too! =) You're right - there's not a lot you can buy for $1 in NYC, which makes it so exciting when we can find something good for $1!

  4. A one dollar icecream!!!! Looks like my kinda treat!

  5. Anyone know the recipe to making the helado de coco?


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