April 26, 2009

Best Hole in the Wall in the City

Walking into this narrow bodega transports us back to Mexico. We are surrounded by canned jalapeno peppers, Mexican Coca-Cola (uses real sugar, not the high fructose corn syrup used in American Coke), and Jarritos drinks.

We make our way to the back to the tiny kitchen counter to order our meal. The area is filled with the wonderful smells of home-cooking. After we placed our order, we got our extra toppings (onions, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, tomatoes, and various hot sauces) ready.

Tacos (from left):
Chorizo c/papas (Sausage with potatoes) ($2.50): creamy potatoes with sausage - everything you want in comfort food!
Enchilada (Spicy pork) ($2.50):
Papas c/rajas (Potatoes with jalapenos) ($2.50): spicy creamy potatoes

Tacos (from left):
Bisteck (Beef) ($2.50): well done beef that was a little dry
Barbacoa (Goat meat) ($2.75): well done and crispy, the goat was not too dry, a balance of the crackling fat and ends
Chorizo c/papas (Sausage with potatoes) ($2.50)

Chorizo c/papas Tortas (Sausage with potatoes Mexican sandwich) ($6): Our favourite flavourful part of our meal was this sandwich. It was filled with avocado, potatoes, sausages, and lettuce with a touch of sour cream.

Bohemia beer ($3)
Penafiel club soda ($1.75)

Tehuitzingo Deli and Grocery store is located at 695 10th Ave (between 47th and 48th Streets)

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