April 27, 2009

Dining at the new Yankee Stadium

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we headed out to the new Yankee stadium.

As we did when we were kids, we immediately headed towards the street vendors for "dirty water" dogs that are located outside the stadium. For $2, we have the most nostalgic (and cheapest) meal of the day.

We sat down and hit up the beer guy. For $9, we get our own bottle of Miller Light.

We wanted a souvenir, so for $10 we opted for the Miller Lite from one of the concession stands.

As the Yanks were already down 14-2 to the Indians in the 2nd inning, we decided to check out the food and drink options at the new stadium. Above is the Mexican food offering.

The crowds check out the Johnny Rockets burger stand.

Philly Cheesesteaks (complete with calorie count...up to 605 calories!) at Carl's Steaks.

This was interesting....Lobel's (the store's on the UES) featured a window with a butcher cutting meat.

Two sushi chefs were preparing food for hungry fans.

We settled on Garlic Fries (large $9) which were pretty good. Not that greasy, but incredibly garlicky.

By the middle of the 5th inning, the Yankees are now down 20-2...we need another beer ($6).

The stadium's hot dog ($6, 297 calories) and sausage vendors ($8, 500 calories). Glad we opted for the hot dogs outside the stadium!

Needing more comforting in our team's eventual 22-4 loss to the Indians, we managed to get into the Jim Beam Suite Lounge in the 300s.

The Lounge features a full bar, pizzas (9-inch hearth-fired pizza $11), and this Food Network station (above) that sold burgers (1/4 pound grass-fed Angus burger $11) and fish tacos (with citrus salad, $9). Both of these items were pre-made and then kept on warmers for purchase.

In time, we will see if this new stadium lives up to the one that Ruth build. In the meantime, there are plenty of food and drink options to keep fans occupied.


  1. OMG, I want to go to a baseball game now...for the FOOD! LOL!

  2. Any health stats on the Garlic fries...I had some last night and my chest still hurts.

  3. All we know is that the posted calorie count for the Garlic Fries were 250 cal (small) and 330 cal (large). Hope you feel better soon!


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