April 26, 2009

Easy Sunday Brunch with the Breville Panini Press

In addition to dining out, we are also big home cooks. We love to entertain and oftentimes friends would come over for an impromptu get-together. Paninis are great to make because you can use whatever you find in your refrigerator to put together a tasty meal.

We love the Breville Ikon Panini Press because it is so versatile. Not only can we make quick and tasty paninis, but we can also grill meats and vegetables. The press is very easy to use. It takes minimal warm-up time (by the time you get all your ingredients ready, the press will be all set to go) and clean-up is a snap.

The Breville Panini Press retails for $99.99 and is available online and at numerous stores nationwide (including Williams-Sonoma).

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