April 1, 2011

{Fun Food Finds} Kiwi Berries

Happy Friday! Faithful readers of HLFD know that we like to eat A LOT, so it's always exciting to us when we find something new.  After our United Nations-inspired meal and trips to Eataly (where we found kaffir limes and horned melon fruit), farmers markets, Chinatown, and countries around the world, I thought I had already seen or tasted most exotic fruits. But happily, when I walked into Trader Joe's earlier this week, I found these new-to-me Kiwi Berries.

Imported from New Zealand, these Kiwi Berries, according to Wikipedia, also go by the names "Hardy Kiwi", "Baby Kiwi", "Arctic Kiwi", "Dessert Kiwi", or "Cocktail Kiwi". (It's scientific name is Actinidia arguta, but that doesn't sound too sexy, right?)

The fruit comes in green (where they really do look like tiny little kiwis) or purplish-red color (like the ones I bought) and seems like a mix between regular kiwis and grapes.  They can be eaten like grapes (no fuzzy skin like its "elders") and taste like a slightly sweeter kiwi (though they're still tart overall).

My kiwi berries were on the softer side (which made them also seem like watery grape tomatoes). I added them to fruit and regular salads and also made a salsa with them (like I did with the kiwano fruit) - though my husband just popped them in his mouth like grapes.  These cute little guys would also be fun in a cocktail or spritzer mixed with strawberries, simple syrup, and champagne or soda water.

What are your favorite new-to-you fruit or food finds?

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