February 28, 2011

{Brunch in NYC} M Wells

I love brunch, but my husband doesn't.  He thinks that eggs, toast, juice, and fruit is so easy to make at home, he doesn't like to go out and pay NYC prices for it.  But when a brunch menu offers tartare and bone marrow, he'll gladly leave his preconceived notions about brunch and hop on the 7 train with me to Queens.

Ever since owners Sarah and Hugue (whose homemade tourtieres we've enjoyed) opened up M. Wells, we've been eager to try it.  Their diner isn't your typical diner.  The food has a Quebecois influence and is rich in flavor.  With our love for bone marrow, we immediately ordered the Escargots and Bone Marrow ($9) with shallots and red wine puree.  It was nicely breaded (giving it a crispy texture) and seasoned with herbs.
My husband's favorite dish was the Beef Tartare ($14).  It was made with Filet Mignon, covered with a poached egg, and served with a side of well-seasoned greens and crunchy bread.  He loved it and still talks about this dish.   
Pancakes are a brunch staple, so I order the Maple Syrup Ploye ($5). These buckwheat crepes are cooked on one side and are very hearty. Much like oatmeal, the ploye fills you up.  Though I prefer the traditional fluffy pancakes (like the ones I had at Clinton St. Baking Co.), my husband liked these ones.   
The Bacon and Hash ($8) dish came with poached egg and Brussels sprouts.  We both enjoyed this dish - we do love anything with a runny egg.  My husband couldn't get enough of the large chunks of bacon, while I actually wished for more Brussels sprouts!    
We'll definitely return to M. Wells, especially now that they're open for dinner too (currently serving Peking Duck and Salmon Coulibiac).  

M. Wells is located at 21-17 49th Ave in Long Island City, Queens, NYC.

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  1. M Wells is a pretty good deal - and it's only a couple stops outside of Manhattan. Would love to hear what you tried and thought about the place when you go visit!

  2. This place is in my neighborhood, yet I still haven't been there. *shakes head*

  3. You have to go! We're definitely going to return to check out their dinner menu!

  4. Let me know when you're planning on going back for dinner. Maybe I could meet up with you guys!


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