September 13, 2010

Food + Fashion in NYC Part I - Fashion NIght Out and Momofuku Designer Cookie

Friday was Fashion's Night Out in NYC, which meant shopping with free drinks (a dangerous combination!)  There were plenty of limited edition items on-sale, but the one I was after was Momofuku Milk Bar's pastry chef's, Christina Tossi's, one-time-only cookie. 

In and around the Ace Hotel (a fun spot to grab Stumptown Coffee) were tons of food options including Frog's legs subs from No. 7 Sub.  I was in a rush (to get that cookie!) so I grabbed a lamb slider ($5) from the Breslin food truck instead.
Inside the Ace Hotel, the hotel lobby was transformed with carnival-like booths.  Passing by trendy brands like Opening Ceremony and Alexander Wang, I finally got to the Band of Outsiders' cookie-decorated booth.  There is was, all accessorized in gold leaf and only available that night (Chef Christina Tossi only made 113 "gold gilt gangster" cookies and will never make them again).  What I didn't know was that it came with a Band of Outsiders Cookie Monster t-shirt ($45 for both t-shirt and cookie) and would soon become the most expensive cookie I ever purchased!
Some free wine, red velvet chocolates, and designer sightings (Michael Kors!) at Bloomingdale's helped take the edge off of my extravagant purchase.  How was the cookie? It was made with Stumptown Coffee grinds, bourbon stout, cocoa powder, and gold leaf and tasted as fabulous as it looked.  The cookie was so rich like a good Italian espresso mixed with dark chocolate.  And to get over the cookie's sticker shock, my husband paired it with Mikkeller's Black Hole beer.  The pairing worked - the imperial stout beer itself has coffee in it and held its own against the fashionable cookie.

More Food + Fashion posts to come including this year's Bon Appetit pop-up Cafe in Lincoln Center and the Effen Vodka + Tents at Fashion Week.

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