June 17, 2010

HLFD in SF: Underground Farmers Market

Through researching the food scene in SF, we came across the SF Underground Farmers Market.  These vendors are small, homegrown producers who are making or growing their goods in their kitchens, backyards, etc.  Because it is difficult to sell at farmers markets in SF (needing permits from the Health Department), this venture allows budding entrepreneurs easier access to the public.

How do you get in?  Become a (free) member and sign up for the mailing list (it's also a disclaimer saying you're aware that the space is not inspected by the health department - don't worry, we survived!).  They'll email you the date and location of the next event.  Arrive (hungry) on the specified day, pay your $2 entry fee, and peruse the numerous and various goods.  Enjoy our photos to see what we ate!

Macarons ($1.25), Pots de Cremes ($3), and Financiers from The Occasional Macaron Shop.  Très bons et délicieux!
 Banh Mi Burgers ($7) were sandwiches of garlic pork belly patties, homemade chicken liver pate, radishes, carrots, onions, Meyer lemon mayo, and cilantro.  Our other sandwich was a not-so-deboned quail bahn mi ($5).
 Jiggies or organic Twinkie-like cakes stood out amongst the crowd.  Sticky rice, organic/foraged salads, and cupcakes were also on hand.
One of the most popular tables was the raclette table set up by Mission Cheese.  It's a Swiss treat made of melted cheese (like a cheese waterfall!), potatoes, and cornichons.  I loved the raclette machine (which came from Europe and made functional for U.S. voltage). 
Wished we could have seen/tried The Pizza Hacker, but we were too full and had to meet one of my hubby's friends.

We saw so many other vendors and were glad we had the chance to check out the Underground market during our SF trip.  If you're ever in the area, be sure to join their mailing list and join in the eating fun!


  1. Wow what a wonderful market...Looks like fun:)

  2. Just signed up - hopefully there will be one of these when we are in San Fran this summer. What a fascinating experience!

  3. You feature the best undiscovered places! I signed up for their newsletter, and hopefully I can make it the next time I'm in town.

  4. I can't wait to send this link to Lauren... but am sure the racelette isn't really an underground concept - as you described. I wionder why they are not at Teh Ferry Building. It is a huge hit at The borough Market in London, too. Great find!


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