April 1, 2010

Using All-Natural Foods to Dye Easter Eggs

easter eggs
Spinach, beets, and green tea...sounds like ingredients for a very healthy meal, right?  Well, they were...but they were also the ingredients used to naturally dye these beautiful Easter eggs.  They are very easy to make - it just took some time and patience.
yellow naturally dyed easter eggs
Naturally-Coloured Easter Eggs:
Hard-boiled Eggs (let them cool before dyeing)
Green tea (for yellow eggs; I used 5 packets for 3 eggs)
Beets (for pink eggs; I used 3 beets sliced in half for 3 eggs)
Spinach (for green eggs; I used 1/2 frozen package for 2 eggs)
white vinegar (this deepens the colour)
Pink naturally dyed Easter eggs
1. In separate pots, boil water with beets (chopped in half or quarters), tea, or spinach.  You want enough water to cook your ingredients and then completely cover the eggs.
2.  Remove the beets (eat them in a salad!), tea bags, or spinach (side dish!)
3.  Put hard boiled eggs in separate containers (I used old yogurt tubs) and cover them completely in coloured water.
4. Add 3-4 tsps of white vinegar into each container.
5. Let the eggs soak overnight in the refrigerator.
6. The next day, place the eggs into an egg carton and let them dry in the refrigerator.
Green easter eggs
  • The boldest color came from the beets; the lightest color came from the spinach
  • The easiest ingredient to use was the tea, especially because it was easy to add more packets to deepen the colour intensity
  • Experiment with rubber bands before putting it into the coloured water to make a mosaic effect.
  • To come up with ideas on what to use to colour the eggs, I just thought of anything I ate that stained my clothes...then I found this more comprehensive list online:  http://whatscookingamerica.net/Eggs/EasterEggDye.htm).  
Easter basket
Happy Hunting!


  1. Such a great idea! They look beautiful--way nicer than the bright ones from artificial coloring! Great post!

  2. These are great-I made yellow eggs tonight with tumeric. I am going to do some more with other foods. Did you see my post last week on using silk ties to dye eggs.

  3. Isn't Easter just a great great hoilday?! I love it, a lot of good food and pretty Easter eggs. I just started an online cooking show, in the last episode I'm making Swedish cupcakes. Please check it out!

  4. I am off to use my tea to color some of my eggs. The colors of your eggs are so soft to the eye...so pretty.

  5. @Stacy - Thanks so much! I agree that they're pretty - and using naturally foods to color them make them safe to eat!
    @Esme - I did see your silk tie post - it was so cool!
    @Linn - Definitely love getting together with family for Easter! ooh...Swedish cupcakes - I'll definitely check it out!
    @Joyce - Thanks! Let me know how your tea eggs come out!

  6. Just beautiful. I did some tea ones for Chinese New year but this is more Easter spring for sure!

  7. They are absolutely beautiful Andrea - well done!

  8. They're wonderful! This is such a great idea, thanks for sharing :D

  9. Beautiful!

    They were doing naturally-died eggs at the McCarren park Greenmarket in Brooklyn this past weekend. They were also using red cabbage, which dies the eggs... blue!

  10. I also used red cabbage for blue and paprika for rust. They are on my site.


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