March 19, 2010

Bklyn Larder: Trying to bring home the flavors of Franny's

After eating the most crave-worthy pizza at Franny's, we immediately headed over to their sister gourmet shop, Bklyn Larder.  Full of cured meats, cheeses, and imported goods from France and Italy, Bklyn Larder is a fun place to browse for hostess gifts or snacks for yourself.

Bklyn Larder also features a counter where you can order sandwiches, soups, and various baked goods from several local bakeries.  The glazed pistachios on the pistachio (with almonds and lemon) cake looked divine!
Though the store sold many of the products and ingredients used at Franny's, like oregano and coffee, it was sold out of the pickled hot peppers (When asked, they said they will make more for sale starting this summer).
Instead, we settled on a small container of house-made Espresso gelato ($3.50) and rabbit terrine ($9).  Though many of Bklyn Larder's products command a high price (albeit because they are of higher quality or are harder to find), we found these two items to be a fairly good value, especially when compared with other Manhattan retailers (e.g. Grom sells small cups of gelati for $5).

We cracked open the Espresso gelato and ate it in the small dining area.  The cool dessert was full of rich espresso bean flavor and reminded us why we love affogatos so much.
We brought home the meaty terrine.  With a baguette, some prosciutto, and fresh pears, we enjoyed having our own French countryside picnic at home. 

Bklyn Larder is located at 228 Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, NY.


  1. I have just finished breakfast and you are making me hungry-this looks delicious. I love places like this.

  2. Looks like a wonderful place! So funny they served that rabbit terrine in the little mason jar - Neil had that at Lüke in NOLA last week - for a starter!!! Can you imagine they expect you to eat the whole thing and then have a main??? That'd be the South for you!

  3. I love the city... nothing like it in the world!

  4. @Esme - I always get hungry looking at everyone's food blog (incl yours!)
    @Mardi - You'd love this place - maybe we can take your there when you visit NYC. Wow - a whole rabbit terrine as a starter? Sounds like my hubby and Neil would get along very well! Can't wait to see pics/read review of Luke. Love John Besh!

  5. I've had some of their stuff at events but haven't been to the store yet. I definitely need to have some of that espresso gelato - magic to my ears. See you Friday!

  6. @Jessica - Friday will be fun!


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