February 25, 2010

Foodie Exchange with Britain!

Growing up in Canada, I loved Marks and Spencer potato rings.

I remember putting a ring on each of my fingers and gingerly biting each one off.

Sadly, there are no more Marks and Spencer stores in Canada.  

So we were really excited to exchange NYC foods for British gastro-treats with The Gourmet Traveller in the hopes of scoring those beloved potato rings.

She did not disappoint!  She sent me plenty of goodies from department store Marks and Spencer.  Tons of sweets including dark chocolate jaffa (sponge cakes topped with real orange filling and half coated in dark chocolate), addictive chocolate caramel wafer sticks, assorted chocolate cookies and tea cakes, and three bags of my precious potato rings (which happily do not contain artificial ingredients).
And to further satisfy our sweet tooth, she sent us British candies and chocolates - some familiar from my Canadian childhood (Crunchie, Dairy Milk), others new to us.  The most interesting candy was the "dib dab", a lollipop with sherbet powder.  The candy's so popular that it has its own Facebook fan page and jewelry inspiration.

Thanks again to The Gourmet Traveller for my treats from across the pond!  To see what I sent her (goods mainly from Chelsea Market), check out her post.


  1. Would love to try these goodies... :)

  2. Glad to bring back those childhood food memories, hope you enjoy all the rest of it!

  3. I LOVE THESE POSTS. Recently I was gifted with Florida goodies, and have promised to do a similar exchange soon. New location for me, should have some interesting yummies to offer.

    What a great deal for everyone

  4. This is a fun idea. No doubt she received some great goodies from you as well!

  5. Got my goodies from her as well this week with the Foodie Exchange! Great stuff

  6. What wonderful goodies-yumm chrunhie bar- have you ever had Tim Tams from Australia with chruncie in them?

  7. @FLB - They were all delish!

    @Sook, A Year on the Grill, and Duo Dishes - Please join our foodie exchange group! It's a bunch of food bloggers who send their favorite hometown goodies to each other! Email us if you'd like to do a NYC exchange!

    @GT - Thank you so much for these Brit treats!

    @Evelyne - Thanks so much for starting this group - It's been lots of fun!

    @Esme - Ooh...Tim Tams WITH Crunchie?! Haven't had that one yet, but it sounds decadent!

  8. That was a great win-we were late for a wedding as we had to watch the overtime. But it was the talk at the reception. I would share my crunchie Tim Tams with you but they are all gone.

  9. me too!!!! i love those rings.. thats y when my childhood friends come visit from toronto, they always bring me that!

  10. ciao! would you like to exchange with me? i'm from italy!
    pls feel free to contact me through my blog http://viaggiando-mangiando.blogspot.com/ wait for you!

  11. @Viaggiando - Thanks for the offer! I visited your website (recipes look great!) and left you a message so we can set up an exchange!


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