January 20, 2010

Visual Tour of Chelsea Market, NYC

 Whenever we have friends in town or want to send a NYC care package abroad, we always head out to Chelsea Market (home of the Food Network).  With lots of fun food-related stores, Chelsea Market is a great destination to spend an hour or two filling up an empty stomach.  Enjoy!

 Fat Witch Bakery features some of the best brownies and blondies in the city.  This is also where Bobby Flay went for blondie expertise in a recent Throwdown episode.
 There's nothing like the smell of fresh bread to make you feel at home.
Amy's Bread makes tons of baked goods - and lets you watch the "behind the scenes" action.

How can you resist a meat shop with a door handle shaped like a cleaver?!

 Dickson's Farmstand Meats is a new (and welcome) addition to the market.  It's a meat-lover's dream with specialty items like terrine along with locally-sourced cuts of different meats. 

While we were visiting Ronnybrook Milk Bar, a customer almost bought out the entire inventory of their lowfat drinkable Blueberry and Pomegranate yogurt.

He claimed this was the only location in the city where he could find the product and said that it didn't taste lowfat.  So we were convinced with his endorsement and managed to buy the last bottle.  It was fruity, satisfying, and didn't make us miss the fat.   

One of the newer additions to the market is Lucy's Whey (it opened in Nov 09).

Along with a well-edited assortment of gourmet goods and homemade sandwiches, Lucy's Whey features a wonderful assortment of cheeses.  Amy, the manager, was really friendly and knowledgeable about her selected cheeses (She used to work for Murray's Cheese Shop). 

We opted for the strong Grayson from Meadow Creek Dairy in Vermont.  It's a stinky cheese that melts at room temperature and pairs well with dried fruit.  We also got a wedge of Dante sheep's milk cheese from  Wisconsin.  It was mildly nutty and saltier than Spanish Manchego.  These cheeses, along with a couple of rolls from Amy's Bread, made for a perfect snack 

We can never resist buying a small sweet treat from Jacques Torres.

Escargots from The Lobster Place.
The Lobster Place features tons of fresh seafood, prepared seafood, and prepared foods including sushi rolls, lobster rolls, and various soups and chowders.

Chelsea Market is located at 75 9th Avenue (btwn 15th and 16th Sts) in NYC.


  1. Thanks to you guys (fellow food bloggers) I was able to visit this wonderful place last time with my personal tour guide, Christine from Fresh, Local, and Best!

  2. This is my favorite place in the city. In fact, I'm thinking of moving to Chelsea just to be closer. Your pictures are beautiful!

  3. It's been 15 years since I lived in NYC. The Market was just starting to attract these quality stores when i left. Exciting to see your photos.

  4. I love the Chelsea Market. Lovely pics, as usual!

  5. with this wonderful post and these beautiful pictures.... you made me soooo nostalgic today.....!


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