January 24, 2010

Making a Multi-Colored Dish with Kerala Red Rice

This week we decided to explore a new (to us) rice:  Kerala Red Rice, also known as Rose Matta rice.  We were intrigued by the name - a red or rose colored rice?  What would it look like and how would it taste? 

 In its uncooked state, this South Indian rice has a reddish brown color.  It's a parboiled rice that is high in fiber and filled with nutrients.  Cooking Rose Matta rice is easy - after soaking and rinsing the rice, we boiled 3 cups of water and then added 1 cup of rice.
 As you can see from the photo above, the rice becomes a beautiful pale pink color when cooked.  The Rose Matta rice has a delicate nutty flavor and is plumper than regular white rice.         
Traditionally the rice is eaten with seafood or used in coconut based dishes.  Instead, we decided to add some fresh pomegranate seeds to the rice for a bright, crisp taste.
We also added some canned corn and defrosted edamame beans to the Rose Matta rice and pomegranate seeds for a simple and colorful side dish.  For a quick weeknight dinner, we ended up making some poached eggs to enjoy with our bright rice dish.  


  1. oh wow great dish will have to look for the rice,

  2. I've heard of this rice, but never had it I don't think. So pretty!

  3. I love how beautiful and colorful this dish is!

  4. What a pretty salad! I've never heard of that rice before - wonder if they have it at our local co-op?

  5. @Unplanned Cooking - We bought the rice at our favorite Indian store (they carry lots of spices and grains) so if you have one nearby, check it out.


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