January 22, 2010

Enjoying the Sweet & Savory Side of Newly Opened Village Tart

As someone who's always looking to satisfy her sweet tooth, I love living in NYC where there's always a new dessert place popping up.

The newest spot, The Village Tart, just opened yesterday and features a savory and sweet menu designed by renowned pastry chef Pichet Ong. 

I was immediately overwhelmed by the variety of choices...cookies, cupcakes, quiches, pizettas...oh my!

Giant chocolate chip cookies with 3 types of Valhrona chocolates...

Carrot cupcakes and chocolate Nutella cupcakes...

The lounge had a good amount of seating - I could imagine this place filling up at night with people seeking a place to relax and enjoy a couple of small bites.

Mascarpone Tart with blood orange segments and pistachios ($4.95):  The mascarpone cheese was as light as air.  It was like biting into a flaky tart of whipped cream (only less sweet and tastier).

I am a glutton for cute packaging and I love the simple way the rugelach ($2.25) was presented.

It was soft and chewy with tons of flavor.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Tart ($5):  This is chocolate covered espresso beans in softer tart form.  It was the antithesis of the mascarpone tart - deep and rich.

Maybe it was the sight of me sitting alone with a plate filled with desserts, but one of the owners kindly stopped by to see how I was enjoying everything.  She mentioned that I should try something savory and brought me a rather generous sample of their Bacon and Onion Jam pizetta.

After having so many sweets, this salty pizetta was heaven.  The bread/crust reminded me of a soft pretzel because of its texture and the salt crystals on it.  The toppings gave that addictive sweet/savory taste with sweet caramelized onions and salty bacon pieces.  There was also a bechamel sauce and scallions to bring the flavors all together.  

For the record, though I was tempted to clean off my plate, I did bring home a small box of leftovers (my other half, the savory one, loved the pizetta).

An expanded menu featuring additional dishes (including larger plates) will be coming in February.

The Village Tart is located at 86 Kenmare St (at Mulberry St) in NYC.


  1. What a great place to go with a bunch of people so you could try a bite of EVERYTHING!!! Those chocolate chip cookies look KILLER!

  2. Great photos. I loved wandering the city and finding these places


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