January 27, 2010

Happy Belated Australia Day with our 1st Tim Tam Slam

Yesterday was Australia Day and coincidentally, this afternoon, we received a generous care package from Conor of Hold the Beef

She knew we loved sweets; therefore she sent us chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, a chocolate bar with cherries and coconut, a caramel/chocolate koala (so cute!), mango dry marinade, and 2 packages of Tim Tams (the most addictive biscuits we've ever enjoyed).  We loved that she also tried sending us the hot summer weather from down under!

On her postcard, she requested that we do one "Tim Tam Slam".  Not knowing what this term meant, we looked it up and found out it was the Aussie equivalent to dunking Oreos in milk - but so much better.  So Conor, as promised, here is how we did our first Tim Tam Slam:

Step 1:  We selected a Tim Tam biscuit.  We opted for the Double Coat Tim Tam for its thicker chocolate coating that would hopefully hold up better to the hot liquid.

Step 2:  We made a hot beverage.  We opted for the traditional tea, but coffee or hot chocolate would work as well.

Step 3:  Create "the straw" by taking a small bite of diagonal corners of the biscuit (or "bikkie").

Step 4:  Drink the hot tea through the opening. 

The hot beverage will melt the Tim Tam biscuit from the inside out. 

Once you sip a bit of tea, eat the melted Tim Tam biscuit before it falls apart.

The melted Tim Tam was so good and we could imagine how much more decadent it would taste with coffee and especially hot chocolate.

Thank you Conor for the wonderful Australian care package and for providing us the biscuits for our first (but definitely not last) Tim Tam slam!


  1. Tim Tam slam is also delicious with Baileys!!! YAY Conor for the fab parcels you're sending out..

  2. Awesome exchange...I got those amcadamia buts too...sooooo good

  3. drool...I've been wanting to do a slam myself for a long time!

  4. MMM Tim Tams... FYI - you can get them at select Loblaws in Toronto.

  5. @Mardi - Thanks for the Baileys recommendation...mmm...

    @Evelyne - Thanks for starting the foodie exchange!

    @Molly - We can't believe we've never done a slam before - now we're addicted!

    @mkr - Really? We've never seen them there (and we've been trying to find them at Target since they're only here 'til March)

    All: Here's a coupon for $1 off Pepperidge Farm Tim Tams:

  6. Hooray it arrived safely! Super mega double hooray for your first Tim Tam Slam experience! It's always fun to see someone do it for the first time, take far too long eating it afterwards, and end up with chocolate everywhere, but it appears you were quite civilised in your chomping :D

    You're very welcome. Wish I had a chance to include some handmade things but glad to see you enjoyed what I sent. I actually just got back into Perth yesterday, and had your parcel awaiting me. It is AMAZING. Thank you so much!! Will do a post once I'm unpacked/caught up on work etc :)

  7. Super....I have some Tim Tams....fresh from Oz....so.......


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