January 27, 2010

Lulu & Mooky's Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in under 3 minutes - NYC

Don't adjust your monitors - this mixer is not broken.  It's actually making ice cream.

We had seen liquid nitrogen used by chefs on television, but had never seen it used in person. 

Lulu & Mooky's, a "mad scientist-like" place where custom ice cream is made under 3 minutes, was just the spot to watch this novelty in action.

We were exploring the lower east side of the city and, after reading about Lulu & Mooky's on Chubby's New York Food Diary, decided to check it out.

 Lulu & Mooky's, named after the owner's daughters, is a small storefront.  There are plenty of flavor available in different forms:  real fruit, dried herbs, and tons of bottled flavorings.
We were overwhelmed by the long list of flavors (making 10,000 possible combinations) - and despite being tempted by the more unusual flavors (e.g. hot sauce), opted for real strawberries with basil.

To make the ice cream, strawberries, cream, dried basil, and liquid nitrogen are all added together into the mixer.
Like a magic show, here was the dramatic before shot...
And now the reveal...Strawberry-Basil ice cream ($5.50).  It took less than 3 minutes to make and the end result was creamy and buttery.  The basil flavor was very mild and we think it would be stronger if fresh herbs were used.  Overall, we prefer the more saturated taste of gelato made from fresh ingredients and for the same price, would rather have a small cup of gelato from Grom. 

If you're looking for something unusual or different, the whole experience is a fun show - especially for kids and kids at heart.

Lulu & Mooky's is located at 129 Allen St. (at Rivington St) in NYC.


  1. This looks like a fun place, I'll be definitely visiting!

  2. Wow! great photography. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i thought the same thing.... real herbs would of been so cool... i had basil pear and it didnt taste like it.... grom is my fav!!!! hazelnut and pistachio.... yuuuuummmmm

  4. Too bad it was not a thumbs up taste wise but cool to try once...a novelty success!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I visit the LES often but never seen or heard of this place before. I definitely have to check it out next time!

  6. Wow! Now that is some quick making ice cream indeed. The precautions from cold frostbite are a must.


  7. Wow, I love their mixer! The concept is pretty solid - it's too bad the flavor didn't pop as much as it could have!

  8. All - Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! Perhaps other flavors would have been better or stronger, but a fun visit, nonetheless!

  9. Oooh - so much fun! A birthday treat for me?

  10. nice feature. we also have a resto here in the Philippines where ur chef prepares nitro ice cream in front of you, in a sophisticated and skillful way... .. check this out - http://www.clickthecity.com/metro/?p=5276

  11. Looks like fun, but wish it matched with taste/mouthfeel (sounds like it didn't). Nice meeting you guys last night!!

  12. Cool! This looks fun to try at least once.

    Man, looking at your comments, it looks like a bunch of NYC food bloggers got together recently? So jealous! Wish I could have joined you guys. :)

  13. @Mardi - Yes, def - your b-day trip here in NYC will be one non-stop foodie tour!

    @Mhel - Thanks for the link! Hope to visit the Philippines one day to check out that resto!

    @Jessica - Great meeting you too!

    @Tiny Urban Kitchen - We all got together for Hagan's 93 Plate project wrap-up...met Jessica and had no idea you guys were connected! Visit us again in NYC!!

  14. Even if the taste wasn't the greatest, that is still very cool! Kind of like how they make Dippin' Dots.

  15. I'll be in NYC in 2 weeks, I am definitely checking this place out!


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