December 5, 2009

Food Package from Montreal - As Seen on TV!

The mail has gotten so much more fun since we joined the Foodie Exchange.

After our initial package from Arizona, we were excited to receive another package - this time from Montreal.

What's even more exciting is that this package is famous as it was featured on the local news (i.e. CTV news in Montreal)!

These all came courtesy of Evelyne from Cheap Ethnic Eats

The package contained Poutine sauce mix (from St. Hubert, a chain rotisserie chicken place.  Now all we need to do is find a decent cheese curd vendor in NYC!), Montreal steak spice, maple syrup (a sweet taste of home), a jar of caramel sauce (breakfast just got more decadent!), maple leaf shaped candies, and a few packets of Inuit herbal tea (we love tea and have never tried Inuit tea).   

To see how our package was bought in Montreal, check out its TV debut here.  The segment will also show the NYC package we sent over to Evelyne.  Thanks Evelyne for our vicarious 15 seconds of fame!


  1. Whatra great post anmd pic. It was my pleasure including you in this hehe and it is so much fun indeed getting packages in the mail like this.

    So happy you like the selection you got.

  2. YUM! I got some poutine from Evelyne as well!

  3. If in Montreal and in great desire of tasting the best poutine in town, head on over to La Banquise!

  4. @montrealnitelife: We have gone to La Banquise and loved the version we got with green peppers in it! So good!!


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