November 24, 2009

New Amsterdam Market: November Edition

This past Sunday, we went back to the New Amsterdam Market and despite getting there just after it opened, it was even more crowded than the last time we were there!  We were actually happy to see more people enjoying the market - the more people out there supporting the vendors, the more likely the New Amsterdam Market will continue beyond December.

As it was last month, Luke's Lobster was the most popular booth with the longest line for their fresh lobster rolls.  We went straight for The Bent Spoon - after all, what's better than ice cream for breakfast?  We got a scoop of Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel ice cream (made with Hudson Valley Bourbon) with a scoop of Sweet Potato-Pecan ice cream.

Cheese please!  Ricotta, Cheddar, Mozzarella...

Beautiful mushrooms, pumpkin soup, bacon peanut brittle, and cucumber sandwiches.

One of the new vendors this month was Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea .  Based in Chicago, Intellisgentsia is known for some of the best coffee in the country.

At the market they were demonstrating their Celebration blend with each of the component beans (from Kenya and Ethiopia).  Though the Celebration blend was fresh, balanced, and fragrant, we ended up buying the Kenya beans for their stronger, richer flavor.

Stumptown Coffee was the other new popular vendor.  We have enjoyed their coffee before in the Ace Hotel and so we knew it was wonderful, rich coffee.  Many others did too, with one woman declaring Stumptown the best coffee in the world, while others waited patiently (despite being told there were already 10 people on the waiting list for cups of hot coffee) while individual coffees were being brewed.

As expected, there were lots of fresh produce, jellies, and dips.  The brussels sprouts on the stems were quickly sold out.

We ended our day at the market with a New York wine tasting.  One vineyard even provided the Riesling grapes that would be used in the wines. 

It was another fun outing to the market and hope to see it pop up again in the new year!  The next market is scheduled for Sunday, December 20th - just in time for Christmas!


  1. This photos are beautiful. I accidentally deleted the ones I took. I enjoyed the market, I hope they remain opened next year.

  2. I have never had a lobster roll and love your photo of them above! I am a seafood addict. Eating one of those will be on my list of goals for next year. I aim high, don't I?

  3. Hey, if you're a fan of Stumptown Coffee, Sweetleaf in Long Island City is giving away free 12oz cups of the stuff through December 13. You just have to walk in and ask for a free cup of coffee!


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