November 11, 2009

Morning at the Ferry Plaza Marketplace - San Fran

It was Saturday morning in San Francisco and the only place to be was the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Plaza Marketplace.  Lots of fantastic foods (and vendors eager to let you sample) and of course, plenty of great photo ops! 

So many different types of mushrooms!
Tons of sweet treats from Miette
Who can resist salty pig parts (especially meat cones) from Boccalone
Olive oil and vinegar tastes from Stonehouse California Olive Oil Company.

Fine chocolates (and a hazelnut sample!) from Recchiuti Confections.

So many beautiful baked goods from Frog Hollow Farms.
You can't miss this place - just head towards the wonderful aroma from this counter.

Lots of colorful peppers...

Loved these cute flower animals!
These tiny radishes were beautiful.
More and more samples!
Lots of fresh greens...
Pomegranate seeds
Brussels Sprouts
Nothing like freshly cut wild flowers!
Fresh seafood from Hog Island Oyster Co.
Walking around the Ferry Plaza Marketplace brought back such fond memories for me.  The last time we both were in San Francisco, it was our honeymoon and we kept coming back here (even just before our flight home!)


  1. I think I could spend at least a week in the ferry building and be 100% happy

  2. Awesome recap - mine is coming up (in two parts) in the next few days! I could for sure spend days in that building and market!!

  3. The Ferry Building's farmer's market is my favorite one in the states! I can't believe how large those pomegranate seeds were, it must have been very good! Fungi Far West is the best!

  4. Great food fest. i wish i could have jioned in. Hello from Saigon.

  5. @lk, mardi, and FLB: The ferry building will always be a must stop in SF!

    @Aly: Hi there! Maybe one day Foodbuzz will go overseas! We'd love to visit Vietnam!


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