October 9, 2009

Today's the Last Day for the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Since the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck burst onto the NYC mobile truck scene this past summer, we've been meaning to check it out.

With toppings like wasabi pea dust, cayenne pepper, and Elderflower syrup, this truck is definitely not your childhood Mister Softee.

So when we heard that today (Fri., Oct 9) was its last day on the street for the season, we knew we had to find this year's Vendy Award's 1st ever double nominee.

We headed down to Union Square and easily found the revamped Mister Softee truck.  Between the premium toppings ($1 extra), special sundaes ($6), and regular cones/cups ($3), what to order was a difficult decision to make.
Only in New York!  We ended up choosing a Vanilla ice cream cup with Olive Oil and Sea Salt on top - and enjoyed it across the street from a motorized red pump.  We've enjoyed the Olive Oil gelato from Babbo and this version was a much more casual take on it.   
Riding in style!
The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck  will be found during the day until 6pm at Union Sq West and 17th St. in NYC.

Afterwards, from 7-9pm, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck celebrates with an end-of-season party at the corner of Avenue A and 13th St. in NYC.  Local vendors (and fellow 2009 Vendy nominees) Cupcake Stop and NYC Cravings will also onhand to serve their popular dishes.


  1. some weird combos. but i wish i coulda been there. looks like fun and i would have to try some ice cream!!!

  2. Well we have an ice cream truck (Mr Whippy!) but it's nothing like this!!!

  3. That looks like so much fun! Would love to try the wasabi one. Awesome photos!


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