October 26, 2009

New Amsterdam Market - NYC

Yesterday, we went to the second installment of the New Amsterdam Market at South Street Seaport.  From seafood to sorbet, pastries to pate, and tea to kimchee, we sample to our hearts' content and meet many friendly local vendors in the process.

These beautiful flowers make tea time both elegant and sophisticated.  Dynasty and Ceremony sells these blooms that makes a light and refreshing white tea.  Just steep the buds in hot water and watch the different flowers appear.  We met with owner Alicia who mentioned that these will be available online in the next couple of weeks.

Not one, but TWO kimchee vendors.  We love the spiciness of this Korean dish of pickled cabbage.  We sampled Mama O's Kimchee's five kimchee dishes:  vegan, classic, extra fermented, daikon, and kimchee salsa.  Loved the variety of kimchee options.  We also tried both the classic (mild) and the spicier daikon kimchee from Mother in Law's Kimchi.
Shucked oysters - we couldn't resist.  NYC restaurant Stella offered 4 oysters for $5, but we wanted to try somewhere new so we opted for the shellfish at Brooklyn-based W&T Seafood instead.  We had the steamed mussels ($2) and happily tried each of their oysters (including their top seller, Island Creek oysters).  All of the shucked oysters ($1.25 ea) were fresh and plump.
Oh, Bent Spoon, we're so happy you came down from Princeton with your delicious ice creams and sorbet.  We enjoyed scoops of their Roasted Pumpkin Cocoa Nib (made with organic pumpkins, like the ones seen above, from NJ's Oak Grove Farm) and Dark Chocolate Rosemary (made with 61% chocolate and organic NJ-farmed rosemary) ($3.50 for 2 scoops) plus a tasting of their third flavor, Heirloom Cranberry Cider sorbet (made with NJ heirloom cranberries and NJ apple cider).  Because these ice creams and sorbet are made with organic, local products, the taste is natural and saturated.  Eating these frozen treats is like biting into a cooler version of pumpkin pie, fancy chocolate bar, and fruity cider.

Lots of fresh vegetables on hand from McEnroe Organic Farm (we tried their award-winning kale salad, blue potato salad, and bought the leafy Boston lettuce for $2).  We were also amazed by the gigantic mushrooms from Wild Gourmet Food.

We offset our hot chocolate ($1.50) with a healthy tofu sample provided by Basis & Farm to Chef
Lots and lots of meat products and samples including rich and tasty pate from the farm with the best name, The Piggery (We ended up buying a $5 jar of the pate).  We loved the head-wear on the boys from The Meat Hook and devoured Jimmy's No 43's beef brisket with mustard on crusty bread.
Chili ($5) from Marlow and Daughters, poultry from Bo Bo Poultry (we were tempted to buy the $12 black silky chicken, thinking it would make a great Halloween dish), more pate, and sausage and white beans ($5) from Bklyn Larder.
Nothing like a nice substantial tasting of hot chicken pot pie soup from Spoon on a brisk, but sunny day.  We also enjoyed trying their fruity and flavorful jams.  Other comforting foods included apple-cheddar-rosemary galettes from Sweet Deliverance and crusty loaves from Balthazar Bakery
No food market would be complete without a few sweet treats!  We salivated over Liddabit Sweets' caramel apples, beer and pretzel caramels, and their top-selling sea salt caramels.  Taste-testing chocolate is always a fun thing to do, so we enjoyed a few of the products by Taza Chocolate and then checked out the baked goods from Williamsburg’s newest bakery Saltie.
We ended our day with some wine sampling from various local wineries (Atwater Estate Vineyards, from the Finger Lakes region and Long Island's Paumanok Vineyards and Wolffer Estate Vineyards) as well as some more pate.  The longest line of the day seemed to be for Luke's Lobster, and after a couple of hours, some products from Hudson Valley Duck Farm (tasty duck prosciutto) and Bo Bo Poultry were starting to sell out.  We're glad we came to the market when it started at 11AM and look forward to next month's market.

New Amsterdam Market is located in South Street Seaport, on South Street (btwn Beekman Street and Peck Slip), on the East River waterfront in Lower Manhattan.  The next market will be held on Sunday, November 22, 2009 (just in time for Thanksgiving!)


  1. Beautiful photos and what looks like a super fun day!

  2. Thank you for sharing these photos! The food looks magnificent! The photos of the oysters are my favorite. I wish I wasn't so sluggish this weekend, this would have been a fun event to attend. I'm glad to know that this market will be held again in a month.

    BTW, all of the Chateauneuf-du-Papes showed well at Wine Spectator's grand tasting. I would have loved to attend the a tasting just focused on that region.

  3. @Mardi - Thanks! We had a great time and left very full.

    @Simply Life - So happy to share this with fellow foodies...we share that common bond of finding fun in glorious food!

    @FLB - Def check it out next month! Also, if you haven't done so, check out USQ wines' events. They always have wine tastings (the weekday ones that cost $20 are great - tix incl $10 wine voucher, wine tasting, and meat, cheeses, and bread) We go to the free ones on weekends but they can get crowded and overwhelming.

  4. I've been wanting to go to the New Amsterdam Market for sometime now. I know they have a great selection of food. You just convinced me to go to the one next month!

  5. @Jessie: Thanks! Unlike other events, this one was large and fairly spread out (easier to walk around and get samples). Definitely go early though, because it was getting crowded by 1pm and some items were sold out already!

  6. Awesome post and great photos! My husband and I were also at the New Amsterdam market on Sunday :D


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