August 29, 2009

Union Square Greenmarket - Year-round Farmers Market in NYC

Every Saturday we're in the city, we try to head out to one of the many farmers' markets in Manhattan. With today's rainy weather here in New York City (plus our preparations for tonight's 24, 24, 24 Foodbuzz dinner - please see tomorrow's post for details), we're probably going to stay indoors. Instead, we hope to brighten your day with (sunny) photos from the largest farmers market in Manhattan: Union Square Greenmarket.

This is where lots of great restaurants (e.g. Union Square Cafe) buy their ingredients. (If you get up really early and get there around 8AM on a Saturday, you can follow chefs and restaurant employees around to see/buy what they get).

Huge red and white onions.

Rustic peaches.

Yup, those are purple peppers! We bought one, but after cooking, they turn green. Our friend Mardi had the same experience with purple beans and wrote about why they turn green.

Eggplants and zucchini and summer squash, oh my!

Red and yellow tomatoes.

If you look closely, you can see purple carrots amongst the orange ones. We've eaten these raw before - it's only purple on the outside (and orange on the inside). So after lightly peeling them, some of the purple color is gone.
Purple radishes (they tasted milder than the regular ones below)

Red currents

The Union Square Greenmarket is on Broadway (at E 17th St.) in New York City. It is open year-round.

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  1. Hey - there I am on your post!! Cheers for the shout out!

    You know I also bought a purple pepper the same day I bought those green beans and was so disappointed to read that it would turn green when cooked, I decided to have it in a salad!


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