July 13, 2009

Cupcake Stop: NYC's 1st mobile cupcake store

We've been wanting to check out Cupcake Stop since it launched last month. Lucky for us, New York's first mobile cupcake shop came up to the Upper West Side yesterday to sell their, well, cupcakes.
The cupcakes come in full-size ($2.25 or $25 for dozen) and mini ($1 or $10 for dozen). The flavors change daily - we chose from Red Velvet, Oreo Crumb, Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl, Lemon, and Cappuccino.
Red Velvet ($2.25): This is Cupcake Stop's top seller. We loved the cream cheese icing (it tasted like lemon!) and the cupcake itself was light and fluffy.

We look forward to trying their other flavors. For location and menu updates, follow Cupcake Stop on Twitter (@CupcakeStop).

p.s. You can follow High/Low Food/Drink on Twitter too! (@Highlowfooddnk)

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  1. How fun - will look forward to checking this out next time I am in NYC!


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