May 22, 2009

Veronica's Kitchen - Bringing Soul to Wall St.

The Financial District has never been a go-to culinary destination. But there are some random gems to be found. Veronica's Kitchen happens to be one of them.

As we approach, we can smell the delicious soul food. We got there by 12:45 pm and managed to be only fifth in line. We've been told that waits can exceed 20 mins at times - so our 6 mins wait wasn't too bad at all.

Besides, we needed some time to digest the huge menu.

We opted for the large meal of Jerk Chicken with mac n' cheese and potato salad ($7.50). The chicken was nicely seasoned with a little hot spicy kick on the back end (you can see the hot pepper and pepper seeds!). It was very flavourful and we loved the ox tail sauce on top. The mac n' cheese was good (it's always nice having this comfort food without the neon orange American cheese). The potato salad was just ok - it paled in comparison to the jerk chicken.

We also chose the large meal of Ox Tail with Collard Greens and Rice and Peas ($8.50). The ox tail was fantastic! The braised meat fell right off the bone. It was very flavourful. The sides were great too. The collard greens were tasty and not greasy. The rice and peas went well as it sopped up the delicious ox tail sauce.

Veronica's Kitchen can be found on 125 Front St. (btwn Wall and Pine Sts.)

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