August 10, 2010

Red, red wine...

It's no secret we love red wine.  My husband's got it stored everywhere - our wine fridge, every closet in our apartment, at his parents' place, in my parents' house (in Canada!), his sister's ex-boyfriend's basement...well, you get the picture! So whenever we have friends or family stop by, we always have red wine on hand.  

With the weather so hot here in NYC, our red wines (that aren't stored in our wine fridge) have been a little too warm to serve.  I read about the Ravi Instant Wine Chiller in his Wine Spectator magazine and thought it would be the perfect gadget for my wine guy who has everything.

My husband's played around with the wine chiller a few times and loves it so much that he now shows it off to friends.  Basically, the main component is kept in the freezer so when company comes over, we can immediately chill our red wine. 
Before we had the wine chiller, we would put the red wine in the fridge - but when we have friends and family unexpectedly stop by, it would take too long to cool down.  With the Ravi instant wine chiller, we don't have to wait to drink our red wine (which is always a plus!)

Readers have asked us about the countdown clock that was on our site.  We have partnered with OpenSky to open an online store that offer products, like the Ravi instant wine chiller, that we enjoy.  Why? Well, readers have emailed us asking about the tools we've used in certain recipes or products we've tried during our travels so we thought this shop would be helpful.  We'll only offer products that we have tried and liked (hence why there's only one product in our shop right now!)

To celebrate the launch of our new store, we're offering 25% off on the Ravi instant wine chiller.  Just enter coupon code EXCITE25 with your order (expires 08/16).  This means  the Ravi instant wine chiller is only $30 before taxes and shipping!


  1. Oh no, another cool gadget! Averting my gaze lest I find myself ordering one......

  2. haha! Love this gadget though b/c it actually works!

  3. Thanks for letting us know about this wine chiller! Forwarding to my husband (the wine expert at our house)

  4. Just like my home! Our husbands would probably get along really well! =)


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