June 30, 2010

HLFD in SF: A Day in Sausalito

Biking, hiking, and boating...the seaside town of Sausalito is known for many outdoor pursuits.  Many people come to Sausalito to explore the picturesque Muir Woods, but for us, we did not have much time, so we chose to explore Sausalito's food scene instead.  (Food often wins out over working out!)  We hope you enjoy reading our final SF post, featuring our fresh seafood meals at Poggio, Fish, and Sushi Ran

Though you can drive to Sausalito over the Golden Gate bridge, we opted for the scenic ferry ride.  Luckily on the way to Sausalito, the famous SF fog wasn't around so we were able to see great views of the city skyline, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Stop #1:  Poggio, the Italian restaurant.  Amongst all of the touristy shops sits Poggio, a classic Italian restaurant that features seasonal ingredients on their menu.
Oak-Grilled Lamb Tongue ($9) with marinated beets, egg, and chickweed. My husband loved this dish as the meat was so tender and the taste was familiar to other charcuterie he's enjoyed.  I liked the tongue too, but really loved the sweetness of the golden beets.
Homemade Burrata cheese ($11) with sun dried tomato puree with grilled bread. The burrata was good, but not as milky and smooth as other burratas we've enjoyed (and preferred).
The Wood-fired Manila Clams with Pork Belly pizza ($13) was one savory surf and turf pizza!  The calabrian chile gave the pizza a nice subtle kick while the mozzarella did not distract from the main ingredients. 
The house made papparadelle ($12 for half-portion) with slow cooked lamb breast and castelvetrano olive sugo was very filling.  We did like the pasta, but the sugo (sauce) was a little oily.
Stop #2:  Fish, the popular fresh seafood restaurant/wholesaler.  Fish was the most crowded of the three places we visited in Sausalito.  It was also the most casual with a large outdoor patio and fresh, sustainable seafood dishes.
Fish taco plate ($13) with grilled Ecuadorian tilapia served on fresh white corn tortilla with cabbage, salsa fresca, roasted tomatillo, lime crema and cilantro.  Despite being a little full from our Italian lunch, we could still appreciate these bright, fresh, and meaty fish tacos. 
Stop #3:  Sushi Ran, the high-end Japanese restaurant which uses many seasonal fish as well as fish from Tokyo's Tsukiji market (a popular tourist attraction and the biggest wholesale fish market in the world). 
We ordered two different Sashimi:  Striped Bass (Californian whitefish, $6.50) and Hon Maguro ("Amami" blue fin tuna, $9.50).  Both were buttery and melted in our mouths.
We loved the crisp, light Negihama sushi roll of Yellowtail, grilled green onions and fresh scallions ($8.50).  But we were enamored by the Futo-maki's presentation.  This sushi roll was filled with Shrimp, eel, kanpyo (gourd), shiitake, tobiko (fish roe), Japanese cucumber, gobo (pickled root), and egg omelet ($11.50).
Seared Jumbo Day Boat Scallops ($17) with crispy rice cake and uni bearnaise sauce.  The bearnaise sauce was so rich and I was surprised that the rice cake actually remained crispy.  The scallops were sweet, buttery, and like the sashimi, melted in our mouths.  This dish was a dream.
After our early dinner at Sushi Ran, we ran for the final ferry ride back to SF.  It was a cool, windy, and foggy ride to end our food-tastic day in Sausalito.
Poggio on Urbanspoon
 Poggio is located at 777 Bridgeway in Sausalito, CA.
Fish on Urbanspoon
Fish is located at 350 Harbor Drive in Sausalito, CA.
Sushi Ran on Urbanspoon
Sushi Ran is located at 107 Caledonia Street in Sausalito, CA.


  1. All of my favorite neighborhood restaurants! Isn't it an amazing sight when the fog rolls over the Sausalito hills like a waterfall?

  2. Wow, what a wonderful dreamtrip that was for me. That Papparadelle looks so delish, as does the scallops. It feels like I just had a mini vacation to Sausalito. Thanks so much for posting this.

  3. @FLB: You were so lucky to have lived there. It was a beautiful community.

    @Cheryl: Thanks for your kind words! We were so full from our visit!

  4. Great photos as usual, Andrea!

    I kinda feel like you should have spent the time eating sausages in Sausalito though...

  5. We were there for a couple of hours last summer and definitely noted the first two restaurants... but we were already full from lunch somewhere else. We had just driven in from Napa on the way back to San Fran. It was a beautiful town. I loved seeing the amazing food. The tongue with the beets was a perfect pairing. I am amazed at all the restaurants you got to. Did you stay over night here? I found there wasn't much to do if you didn't live or stay there... so it was more like a passing through for us.


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