February 22, 2010

Edamame Appetizers

I remember the first time I enjoyed edamame beans prior to a sushi lunch.

Cracking each pod and popping the salted beans into my mouth filled me with joy.

Since that first experience, frozen shelled edamame beans have become a staple in our freezer.

Not only do we feel healthier eating them, but they also brighten up our day with their vibrant color.

So when we found this recipe, we were eager to try the edamame beans in a new way.

Edamame Appetizers (adapted from Chef Lulu Power's recipe)
3 cups shelled edamame beans
1 cup fresh mint
1/2 cup fresh flat parsley leaves
1/2 cup olive oil
salt and pepper
shredded Gruyere cheese
crackers and/or slices of baguette

1. We chopped and combined all of the ingredients together (except the cheese, crackers, and bread) with a hand food chopper (a food processor can be used as well).  You can serve the spread right away, but the longer you let it sit, the deeper the flavor.

2.  Spread on crackers or baguette.  Sprinkle Gruyere cheese on top.  The cheese will add a nice salty flavor.
This quick and easy appetizer spread can be made the day before you need it.  The olive oil almost makes the spread taste like an olive tapenade while the parsley and mint makes us think of summer. The cheese puts this bite over the top, reminding me of that first perfect edamame bite.  Hope you enjoy this recipe!


  1. French and Japanese together in one appetizer, LOVE IT!

  2. Oh the appetizer looks perfect and healthy!

  3. I love the color of these! I can't wait for my mint and parsley to come back from the winter "dead" and try this!


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