October 7, 2009


It's Shacktoberfest time again at Shake Shack!  For a limited time only (the last day is this Sun, Oct 11), both Shake Shack locations are offering German-inspired creations...including 3 different Wurst options - and of course, we tried them all!

We started with the Schaller & Weber Cheddar Bratwurst ($6) that's served with Dusseldorf-style beer mustard.
We loved the melted cheddar cheese that was encased within the sausage.  This Wurst was plump and savory.  We also enjoyed the beer mustard - we could taste the hops in it!  This was our favorite one of the three Wursts.
Usinger's Weisswurst ($6):  Served with ShackMeister-braised red cabbage.
This veal and pork sausage was mild (a little bland - it needed some sauce or salt), but the braised red cabbage added some nice texture.
Currywurst ($6):  Sliced Usinger's Knockwurst served with Shack-made tomato sauce with curry, onion, and paprika.
This currywurst version tasted sweeter (more ketchup-like) than others we've tried, but it was still a satisfying snack to share.
We'll be back to grab one of these beer steins, filled with draught beer ($15 for both beer and stein).  On tap are Wolaver's Will Steven's Pumpkin Ale and Otter Creek Oktoberfest.  We also came back for the special deserts.

Shacktoberfest continues until this Sunday, Oct. 11th, 2009.  (If you go to the UWS location, check out the basement party room  - it's decorated in beer garden style with long picnic tables and festive German music!)

Shake Shack is located at  366 Columbus Ave. (at W 77th St) and
the Southeast corner of Madison Square Park, near Madison Ave and E 23rd St.


  1. Love that idea!!! All looks so good! And I see you are attending the FB Festival! Can't wait to meet you!

  2. Thanks Mardi! We're going to go back to Shake Shack for the beer and German Chocolate Cake Concrete!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try to make it out there on Friday. The Usinger's Weisswurst looks very good! BTW, what is the FB festival?

  4. Fresh Local - FB Festival = The Foodbuzz Food Blogger Festival in San Fran in November - I am a finalist for "Best New Blog"!!! and I get to meet high/low!!!!

  5. I got to Shake Shack in May when I was in NY. Tried the chicken Chicago dog. It was awesome. Ahh, wish I fly in to try those German specialties, too.

  6. @Carolyn-We're big fans of the Chicago dogs too.


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