May 20, 2009

Rickshaw Dumpling Truck: mmm...Peking Duck!

After Rickshaw Dumpling Truck tweeted that they were "bringing sexy quack to 52nd + Lex", we hurried over to score ourselves some
Peking duck dumplings. With one of the co-founders being renowned chef Anita Lo (owner of Michelin star restaurant Annisa), we had high hopes for this limited time dumpling.
The midtown lunch crowd was in full effect as we were about 15th in line.

So much to choose from the menu...but we only had one dumpling in mind!

6 Peking Duck Dumplings ($6): Local Hudson Valley duck with scallion, cabbage, and 5-spice. The dipping sauce is a hoisin sauce.

If you like duck, you will love this dumpling! Upon first bite, the soft duck meat melts in your mouth. Its savory juices trickle down your throat, while the cabbage adds a nice subtle crunch and texture to the dumpling. We were only missing the crispy Peking duck skin. All too quickly our picnic lunch was over! We look forward to many more tweets! (You can also follow us on twitter @highlowfooddnk)

For more information and location, check out their website:

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