May 10, 2009

Doughnut Plant

We love doughnuts and have been very anxious to visit Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side. Finally, someone has elevated the doughnut from a mere coffee shop second thought into a creative and tasty art form. The doughnuts here are all natural, with no preservatives and no eggs. After introducing these creations to a friend of ours, she emphatically proclaimed that the carrot cake doughnut was the most wonderful thing in the world!

The menu changes frequently, so you always have an excuse to return!

The short, but sweet (no pun intended!), menu.

Oh, so many choices!

Creme Brulee ($2.75): This yeast doughnut has a sweet slightly crispy coating (which represents the crisp topping of creme brulee) with a custard filling. Though smaller than the others, this was definitely one of our favourites!

Blackout ($1.75): This cake doughnut was everything you want in a chocolate doughnut. Rich, full of chocolate, but not too sweet.

Vanilla Bean ($2.25): This yeast doughnut was plainer than the others. We are impressed that real vanilla bean is used to make this glazed doughnut.

Cashew ($2.25): We liked the nuts on this yeast doughnut. There's nothing more addictive than mixing savoury nuts with sweet glaze.

Valrhona Chocolate ($2.25): This yeast doughnut had a chocolate frosting on top (made of real Valrhona, the original French high quality chocolate). We think that chocolate fans would prefer the Blackout over this one as it is much richer.

And finally, when you can't decide between flowers or sweets, there's the Rose Petal doughnut for your mom (Happy Mother's Day!). That's assuming of course, that you can stop yourself from devouring these goodies!

Doughnut Plant is located at 379 Grand St. (at Norfolk St.) For more information, check out their website:

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