April 24, 2009

The Pony

In April 2009, the owners of Lansdowne Road in Hell's Kitchen opened up The Pony Bar, a bar dedicated to craft beers, on 10th Ave and 45th Street. No Budweiser or Coors on tap, but American craft beers from Ommegang, Victory, Left Hand, Captain Lawrence and Stone fill the menu.

Sandwiches will be on the menu as well (kitchen was not up and running when we stopped in). Pints are only $5 each. A few of the rare offerings that day, such as Stone's Double Bastard, were being served in 8 oz. pours. When we arrived in the early afternoon, they were already out of Harpoon's Leviathan Imperial IPA and a couple of other craft beers. We hope they keep the rotations going...new brews should make it a worthwhile trip to 10th Avenue!

First up, the Left Hand JuJu Ginger (on left)
Slight, subtle ginger, not too overpowering, more of a session or summer brew
Second course, the Left Hand Milk Stout (on right above)
Slight, foamy and creamy head, coffee accents and some sweeter taste than traditional stouts, good overall, light/short finish

Sierra Nevada Imperial Smoked Porter (above left)
Tastes like all other smoked porters, 'smoked'... not really our style but maybe we'll give the Captain Lawrence Smoked Porter a try next time if it is still on tap
Sixpoint Otis (above right)
Definitely tasted better as it opened up and warmed up... totally different experience from the quick tasting Sixpoint had from cask at the Bowery Whole Foods a few months back. Some coffee aroma, subdued malt, slight caramel taste, a smooth, integrated oatmeal stout.

Victory Hop Wallop (photo above)
If you like hops, try this, an aromatic seasonal offering from Victory (we are big fans of Victory's strong, big beers like the Storm King Imperial Stout)
Also, they let you start filling out a beer club card (be an All American), to rate and review your beer "tastings". Once you have rated 100 beers, a coveted Pony shirt is yours! Five down, only 95 more to go...cheers!

The Pony Bar is located at 637 10th Ave. at 45th Street

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