May 1, 2009

Beer Table - Craft beer in Brooklyn

We ventured to Park Slope, Brooklyn to check out a small craft beer spot. Beer Table features tons of unique and hard-to-find bottled beers. Ranging in price from $5-$116 per bottle or draft, Beer Table is definitely for beer connoisseurs or those just looking for something different from your run-of-the-mill bar.

The nice part of our experience was the complimentary taste of the tap specials. The taps change daily, depending on availability and featured brewers.

Tap Tastes (complimentary, left to right):
Cantillon Kriek: This beer was very fruity (1/3 fruit juice is how the bartender explained it), similar to a sweet lambic. It was too much like fruit juice for us, definitely not our favorite style.
Cantillon Bruocsella 1900 Grand Cru: This beer tasted like a smooth wine.
Brasserie de la Senne Taras Boulba: This beer was a light, summer (session) beer.
The final beer was the cask selection, York Centurion's Ghost from England. This tasted like a dark bitter ale, kind of light, not overly bitter.

Bottle selection for $8 (one of the cheaper beers on the menu):
Stouterik "The Brussels Stout", an Irish dry stout (very dry) from Brasserie De La Senne (Belgium)
Similar to a coffee porter to us, with a bready, yeasty head on the pour. Some malt aromas, with a roasted flavour profile. It was easy to drink, and a little light on the finish but not harsh. It was 4.5% ABV.

Fentimans Ginger Beer ($5): With less than 0.5% alcohol, this drink was very fizzy and gingery (perhaps the herbal extracts that are found within the beverage heightened the ginger taste). It was refreshing and definitely one of the better ginger beers we've tasted. It was perfect for a hot sunny afternoon.

Il Laboratorio del Gelato malt gelato ($4): This gelato had the creamiest texture we have ever encountered. Produced by Lower Manhattan's adventurous gelato maker (il laboratorio del gelato produces flavours such as olive oil and thai chili chocolate), this rich dessert was heavenly! The subtle malt flavour brings us back to childhood memories of whoppers (the malt balls, not the BK kind!). As seen in the photo, we were given a generous helping of this delectable, not overly sweet, dessert.

Snails with cabbage, bacon and chilies on bread ($12): Delicious! Each bite got better and better. It was salty with some subtle heat from the chilies on the back end. The bacon was more meaty (like ham) and the snails were prepared well (not too chewy or rubbery).

We would definitely return to Beer Table. Despite its small size (roughly 30 people can at most sit in the restaurant), we think it is better to dine with a small group of people. With a group, you can design your own beer tasting and share the wealth!

Beer Table is located at 427 B 7th Ave (b/n 14th and 15th Street) in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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