March 24, 2009

Oxbow Food Market in Napa

Checking out food markets is one of our favourite ways to explore a city's culinary treasures. So we took a break from Napa wineries and explored Oxbow Food Market. We walked by Folio Enoteca and Winery (below) which is a wine shop opened by Michael Mondavi. It also offers wine samples so that you can "Sip and Shop". Shopping with a glass of wine in hand is a fantastic idea that we wish we could have in New York!

We had a light lunch at Hog Island Oyster Co. We chose a dozen for the Oyster Bar Mix. This comprised of a sample of the day's oysters: Hog Island Sweetwater, Hog Island Kumamoto, and our favourites, the Kusshi (British Columbia) and Chelsea Gems (Washington) for $30. The oysters were incredibly fresh. The Scrimshaw Pilsner (from North Coast Brewing Co., one of our favourite craft breweries) went quite well with the sweet and briny oysters. One of the benefits of dining at food markets is the proximity to local producers. We love to eat local and eating at Hog Island is one step away from eating seafood straight from the ocean!

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